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What is AVS2?

The AVS(Audio Video Coding Standard)is a source coding standard with independent intellectual property of our country. It is aiming at the needs of China's audio and video industry. It's led by research institutes and enterprises in the field of digital audio and video in China and has extensive participation of relevant international organizations and enterprises (AVS membership list), in accordance with the series of standards set by international open rules. At present, the formulation of two-generation AVS standards has been completed.

The first generation AVS standard includes “Information Technology, Advanced Audio Video Coding, Part 2: Video” (AVS1 for short, Standard No.: GB/T 20090.2-2006) and “Information Technology, Advanced Audio Video Coding Part 16: Radio Television Video” (AVS+ for short, Standard No.: GB/T 20090.16-2016). The compression efficiency of AVS+ is similar with that of the high profile of H.264/AVC. Until now, there are thousands of sets of high-definition contents applying AVS+ coding have been broadcast through satellite channels (see AVS+ Program List).

For the second generation AVS standard, referred to as AVS2, the primary application target is Ultra HD (High Definition) video, supporting the efficient compression of ultra high-resolution (4K above), HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos. The SAPPRFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television) issued AVS2 as the industry standard “High efficiency coding of audio and video - Part 1: Video” (Standard Number: GY/T 299.1-2016) in May 2016. Then the GAQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China) and SA (Standardization Administration of People’s Republic of China) issued AVS2 as the national standard “Information Technology - High Efficient Media Coding – Part 2: Video” (Standard Number: GB/T 33475.2-2016). Meanwhile, AVS2 has been submitted to the IEEE international standard (Standard Number: IEEE1857.4) for application. Tests by Radio and Television Metering Center of SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television) show that AVS2 is twice as efficient as the previous generation standards AVS+ and H.264/AVC, and exceeds the same generation standard HEVC/H.265. AVS2 also supports: efficient coding of 3D video, multi-view and VR (Virtual reality) Video; efficient loss and lossless coding of stereo and multi-channel audio; efficient coding of monitor video and new media services for tri-networks integration.

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