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Technical Subgroups

Subgroups Tasks Chairs/Co-chairs E-mail
Convener Composed of AVS president, Secretary General and chair/Co-chairs of each technical subgroup, it performs to direct and coordinate works, addresses matters of general interest, propose meeting schedules and etc. President: Wen Gao (Peking Univ.)
Lijian Wang (CESI)
Xinhua Zhao (CESI)
Secretary General: Tiejun Huang (Peking Univ. )
Deputy Secretary General: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-Sen Univ)
Request Explore to analyze current issues in sectors of information industry, and to issue report on application demand in written form to each standard subgroup Chair: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-sen Univ.)
Co-chair: Xiaoju Gu (Huawei Technology )
System To generate a System Standard that can be applied in broadband networks, digital broadcasting, wireless, storage and etc., propose a system that covers media content exploitation, network operation, program producing (distribution), terminal/playback devices and other links. Chair: Yiling Xu (Shanghai Jiaotong Univer.)
Luntian Mou (Beijing University of  Tech)
Co-chair: Cheng Huang (ZTE )
Co-chair: Luntian Mou (Beijing University of  Tech)
Video To produce Video Standard Chair: Siwei Ma (Peking Univ. )
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DJI Technology)
Co-chair: Jianhua Zheng (Huawei Technology)
Editor: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-sen Univ. )
Digital Media Content Description Produce a standard for digital media content description Chair: Yifan Zhang (Institute of Automation, CAS)
Co-chair: Qingming HUANG£¨ICT, CAS£©
Audio To produce Audio Standard Chair: Weibei DOU (Tsinghua Univ. )
Co-chair: Xingde Pan (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Co-chair: Zhe Wang (Huawei)

Editor: Shumin Xu (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Point Cloud To develop standards based on the request of point cloud coding technology and industrial application. Chair: Gary Li (Pecheng Lab)
Co-chair: Shan Liu (Tencent£©
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DaJiang Technology)
Editor£ºJing Wang (Pecheng Lab)
quality assessment Research quality evaluation on video and audio contents, especially in objective way of simulating subjectivity, and set standard. Chair: Xiaozhong Xu (Tencent)
Co-chair: Yin Zhao (Huawei)
Co-chair: Zhenzhong Chen (Wuhan Univer.)
DRM To develop standard on digital audio and video technology security infrastructure Chair: Xianhong Liu (Changhong )
Implementation To look for ways to implement AVS standards in software, hardware and system Chair: Haiwu Zhao (Shanghai Univer.)
Co-chair:  Ronggang Wang (Peking University Shenzhen)
Gene Copression Develop standards on gene sequencing data compression Chair£ºZexuan Zhu (Shenzhen Univer.)
Co-chair: Yong Zhang (Shenzhen Genomics-BGI)
Test To create standards that provides methods and reference streams to assess conformance of a decoder with the standard Chair: Jingxin Li (CESI)
Co-chair: Wenhui Dong (ABP, SARFT)
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DaJiang Technology)
Co-chair: Xingde Pan (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)Audio
IPR To address IPR issues and manage AVS patent pool works Chair: Cliff Reader (AVS Chief Consultant)
Co-chair: Zhaohui Niu
Liaison To promote AVS application and industrialization Chair: Weimin Zhang (AVS Industrial Alliance)
Co-chair: Cunbin Pan (Hisilicon)
Wearable multimedia   Convener: Yiqiang Chen (ICT, CAS)

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