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The 78th AVS Meeting

August 25-28, 2021
Tele-conference, China


Harbin Municipal Government

Tencent Conference


Conference contact:
Haiying Xie (hyxie2006@163.com)
Telephone: +86 10 13126758816
Haiying Zhao (hy_zhao@163.com)


  • The 78th meeting of AVS work group will be held from August 25th to 28th, 2021. Representatives of all member bodies are welcome to attend the meeting.
  • The conference will be convened by conference call. The specific access method will be sent by email to registrants and contact persons of each member bodies about two days before the conference, and the meeting account will also be uploaded to AVS FTP server.
  • The main agenda of this conference: each subject group will review proposals submitted by group members, summarize and report the progress of the completion of the tasks proposed in the previous conference, and make arrangements for the next stage of tasks.
  • The notice of proposals registration will be issued about one week before the meeting.
  • AVS conference proposal and output document directory: Click to view
  • Technical proposal registration information: find it
  • Participants are requested to log on to the registration webpage to register for the conference before August 23, 2021 → register right now.

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Next meeting information

Date: December 2021
Location: Changsha


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