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The AVS secretariat is located at

     AVS Work Group,

     Room 515, Peony Venture Building, No, 2 Huayuan Rd.
     Haidian District, Beijing 100191,

     P.R. China


General affairs:  

Contacts: Ms. Haiying Xie, Ms. Haiying Zhao

Tel: +86 10 82282177
Fax: +86 10 82282177


AVS Standard Technical Subgroups:

Click here to see what they do and how to contact with them.


AVS file server:

Administrator: Dr. Yuhuai Zhang


Tel: +86 10 8228 2177  

 AVS Periodicals

No.91 Apr. 18,2017

No.90 Jan. 18,2017

No.88 Jul. 07,2016

No.87 Apr. 10,2016

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