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Technical Subgroups

Subgroups Tasks Chairs/Co-chairs E-mail
Convener Composed of AVS president, Secretary General and chair/Co-chairs of each technical subgroup, it performs to direct and coordinate works, addresses matters of general interest, propose meeting schedules and etc. President: Wen Gao (Peking University)
Lijian Wang (CESI)
Xinhua Zhao (CESI)
Secretary General: Tiejun Huang (Peking University)
Deputy Secretary General: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-Sen University)
Request Explore to analyze current issues in sectors of information industry, and to issue report on application demand in written form to each standard subgroup Chair: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-sen University)
Co-chair: Xiaoju Gu (Huawei Technology)
System To generate a System Standard that can be applied in broadband networks, digital broadcasting, wireless, storage and etc., propose a system that covers media content exploitation, network operation, program producing (distribution), terminal/playback devices and other links. Chair: Yiling Xu (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Luntian Mou (Beijing University of  Tech)
Co-chair: Cheng Huang (ZTE)
Co-chair: Luntian Mou (Beijing University of  Tech)
Video To produce Video Standard Chair: Siwei Ma (Peking University)
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DJI Technology)
Editor: Fan Liang (Sun Yat-sen University)
Audio To produce Audio Standard Chair: Weibei DOU (Tsinghua University)
Co-chair: Xingde Pan (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Co-chair: Zhe Wang (Huawei)

Editor: Shumin Xu (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Point Cloud To develop standards based on the request of point cloud coding technology and industrial application. Chair: Gary Li (Pecheng Lab)
Co-chair: Shan Liu (Tencent)
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DaJiang Technology)
Editor: Jing Wang (Pecheng Lab)
Digital Media Content Description Produce a standard for digital media content description Chair: Yifan Zhang (Institute of Automation, CAS)
Co-chair: Qingming HUANG (ICT, CAS)
quality assessment Research quality evaluation on video and audio contents, especially in objective way of simulating subjectivity, and set standard. Chair: Xiaozhong Xu (Tencent)
Co-chair: Yin Zhao (Huawei)
Co-chair: Zhenzhong Chen (Wuhan University)
DRM Focus on the core issues and key technologies of the new generation of digital rights management, propose and formulate general basic standards based on typical audio and video application scenarios. Chair: Li Guo (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunicationst)
Co-chair: Lei Deng (Alibaba)
Test To create standards that provides methods and reference streams to assess conformance of a decoder with the standard Chair: Jingxin Li (CESI)
Co-chair: Wenhui Dong (ABP, SARFT)
Co-chair: Xiaozhen Zheng (SZ DaJiang Technology)
Co-chair: Xingde Pan (Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.)
Gene Copression Develop standards on gene sequencing data compression Chair: Zexuan Zhu (Shenzhen University)
Co-chair: Yong Zhang (Shenzhen Genomics-BGI)
IPR To address IPR issues and manage AVS patent pool works Chair: Cliff Reader (AVS Chief Consultant)
Co-chair: Zhaohui Niu
Implementation To look for ways to implement AVS standards in software, hardware and system Chair: Haiwu Zhao (Shanghai University)
Co-chair:  Ronggang Wang (Peking University Shenzhen)
Liaison To promote AVS application and industrialization Chair: Weimin Zhang (AVS Industrial Alliance)
Co-chair: Cunbin Pan (Hisilicon)
Wearable multimedia   Convener: Yiqiang Chen (ICT, CAS)

Note: Convenors group members includes AVS President, Liaisons, Secretary General, Prof. Yun He, Prof. Lu Yu, Prof. Guozhong Wang, each subgroup chair and co-chairs.

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