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AVS Members
5.  Agora Lab, Inc.
6.  Allegro DVT¡÷
7.  Allwinner Technology Co.,LTD
8.  Amlogic
9.  ArcSoft Hangzhou Co.,Ltd¡÷
10.  ARM Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.¡÷
11.  Beijing Angel Voice Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
12.  Beijing Institute of Technology
13.  Beijing Peony Digital Video Electronics Co.,Ltd
14.  Beijing Samsung Telecom R&D center
15.  Beijing University of Technology
16.  Beijing Wincomn Technology Co., Ltd.
17.  BEIKING University
18.  BlackBerry Limited¡÷
19.  Broadcom Connunications Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
20.  Changhong electric co.,ltd
21.  China Hualu Group Ltd.
22.  China United Network Communications Group Co.,Ltd
23.  Chips&Media,Inc.¡÷
24.  Cogent Technologies Limited¡÷
25.  Communication University of China
26.  Dalian University of Technology
27.  Fuzhou University
28.  Guangzhou iDosee Digital Technology Co., Ltd
29.  Guangzhou KuVision Digital Technology Ltd.
30.  Haier(Beijing) IC Desing Co.,Ltd.
31.  Harbin Institute of Technology
32.  Harmonic, Inc.¡÷
33.  Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
34.  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
35.  Huazhong University of Science & Technology
36.  Hunan Goke Microelectronics Co.,Ltd
37.  Hunan zhongke huiju information technology co., LTD
38.  Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences
39.  Institute of Computing Technology,Chinese Academy of Science
40.  Intel China Ltd.
41.  Istuary Innovation Group
42.  Letv Cloud Computing Co. Ltd
43.  LG
44.  MediaTek(Beijing) Inc.¡÷
45.  Mint Muse, Inc.
46.  Montage Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.¡÷
47.  MStar China (Shenzhen) Limited¡÷
48.  National Cheng Kung University, NCKU¡÷
49.  Novatek Electronics Corp.¡÷
50.  Realtek Semiconductor £¨Shenzhen£©Corp.¡÷
51.  Shanghai Golden Bridge InfoTech Co., Ltd.
52.  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
53.  Shanghai university
54.  ShanghaiTech University
55.  Shenzhen Simope Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.
56.  Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
57.  Sichuan Whayer Information Industry Co., LTD
58.  Sigma Designs Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd¡÷
59.  Sony(China) Limited¡÷
60.  Spreadtrum Communications
61.  Star-net Communication Company Limited
62.  STMicroelectronics (Shenzhen) R&D Co., Ltd.¡÷
63.  Sumavision Technologies Co.,LTD
64.  Sun Yat-sen University
65.  SZ DJI Technology Co.,LTD
66.  Telepath Technologies Co., Ltd.
67.  Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited
68.  Tianjin Optical Electrical Gaosi Communication Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
69.  Tianjin University
70.  Tongji University
71.  Top Victory Investments Limited
72.  Tsinghua University
73.  United Source Coding Audio & Video Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
74.  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC)
75.  University of Science and Technology of China
76.  University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
77.  VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
78.  VIA Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
79.  Wellav Technologies Ltd.
80.  Wuhan Xingtuxinke Electronic Co., Ltd.
81.  Wuhan University
82.  Xidian University
83.  Zhejiang Dahua Information Technology Stock CO.,LTD
84.  Zhejiang Tmall Technology CO., LTD.
85.  Zhejiang University
86.  ZTE Corporation
Note: The members labeled with ¡÷ are Observing Member, others are Full Member.



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