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 Spreadtrum Communications
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 Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics Co. Ltd. [Production] [Link to Product]

  Broadcom Connunications Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. [Productions] [Link to Product]

  NXP Semiconductors [Productions]

 STMicroelectronics(Beijing) R&D Co. Ltd. [Productions]

 Sigma Designs,Inc [Productions1] [Productions2]

 Hangzhou Nationalchip Science & Technology Co., Ltd. [Productions1] [Productions2] [Productions3]

 C2 microsystems, Inc. [Productions1] [Productions2]

 Celestial Semiconductor (Beijing). Co., Ltd. [Productions1] [Productions2]

 Chips&Media, Inc.[Products]

 NEC Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. [Productions1]

 TangBridge [Productions1]

 Fujitsu [Productions1]

 Hisilicon [Productions] [Productions1] [Productions2] [Productions3] [Productions4]


 ALi (China) Corporation [Products]

 Haier(Beijing) IC Desing Co.,Ltd. [Products]


 Realtek [Products]


 Verisilicon [Products]


 Rockchips [Products]


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