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AVS Codec Software Release XAVS
AVS Player1.6
AVS Distributed Encoding Software 1.3
AVS HDTV Decoder
AVS Codec development Kit Release AVS decoder SDK 1.6
AVS decoder SDK Sample
AVS Video Test Streams     find more here
AVS Reference Software Source Code AVS Reference Software Source Code
AVS1 P2 video Test Streams download Currently, AVS has produced a set of AVS P2 Video conformance test streams with a total number of 197, of which 92 standard conformance test streams can be downloaded from AVS ftp by AVS members, the other 105 test stream can be purchased from AVS Secretariat. Please be aware that all the test streams are only available to AVS members.
AVS1 P16/AVS+ Test streams The AVS1 P16/AVS+(broadcasting video) Test streams are now available and can be purchased by agreement from AVS Secretariat.
Download (AVS-P2) Mobile  Version AVS Decoder & Player: Windows Mobile Version
AVS Video Stream Analyzer QtAVS Download...

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